"The Ultimate in Estimating Speed"
Super Assemblies
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SUPER ASSEMBLIES - Groups of assemblies.   The Fastest way possible to takeoff dozens or hundreds of items at one time.
Estimate the whole job from this one screen.
  • The fastest way possible to takeoff large groups of Items & get two levels of subtotals.

  • Use Super Assemblies when you want subtotals within subtotals, for instance, the total dollars for a kitchen remodel, and separate subtotals for demolition, cabinets, and plumbing etc.

  • Once you have your Assemblies built and linked to "Super Assemblies" you will start estimating so much faster than you ever thought possible. Think about it, you can estimate a complete kitchen remodel (or for that matter any thing else) with out ever leaving this one screen. Plus you have the added benefit of knowing you will not forget anything!