"Adjust groups of costs for inflation, area modifiers, etc.""
Adjustment Table
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ADJUSTMENT TABLE - Adjust the cost of related items up or down by a percentage like inflation factors, regional modifiers, seasonal cost changes and so forth.   If you have cost that fluctuates by a percentage, you will, save countless hours simply enter the percentage up or down and every item linked to that adjustment code is changed accordingly. Lets say all 2X framing lumber goes up by 7% or copper pipe goes down by 5% instantly all cost of those items are updated.
Change many cost by a % up or down.

  • Save time by adjusting the cost of groups of Items by a percent up or down with just one entry. e.g., all copper pipe increase by 5% or framing lumber decrease by -8%.
  • Much faster then changing each cost one at a time!
  • Each of the five costs of an Item can have a different adjustment.
  • Easily make seasonal or permanent adjustments