What is the difference?

Just about all businesses are established to make a profit, and we are no different.

But that is where the similarity ends. Since sales income is the source of any future profits most companies try to leverage each sale (customer), in other words make the most from each new sale. How do they do that?

There are many strategies, they want to get more of you money of course for a value renderd. This is good for any business. Profit is why we are all in business.

How We are Different...

First we have one main product, no on-going fees, no training or support charges for customary service, which includes how to use the many features in EasyEst Estimating Software.

We are here for our users, helping them to get the most from their investment in EasyEst.

For those users who want to show their appreciation for our product and service, we encourage them to send us their testimony, and refer us to their like minded business relations.