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Report you might want or need on the job site. Including material orders and labor hours for various tasks. Or just the dollars allocated for each piece of rental equipment. Bid Item Cost Only w/Markups by Seq. Bid Item Price Only Report by Division.

If you are with a start up (new) contractor or just want data with cost included, we have PriceBook data below from the Craftsman Book Company. These include labor productive rates (which change very little over the years).

All the Craftsman PriceBooks are an additional fee of $74 each. They are NOT included in EasyEst Pro-Plus purchase. Also NOTE - We do not offer quarterly or yearly price updates for the Craftsman Book Company cost data. You will use features build in to EasyEst Estimating Software to easily increase or decrease labor rates and material cost based on your actual cost.

QuickEye Estimator is totally different. With only one to three hours invested in learning and setup, you will gain one to two hours each day in productivity. It has a fresh design that doesn’t imitate the others. We start out with an efficient workflow to generate ‘ready to price’ Quantity Items.

Only $229

30 Day Money Back – Absolutely Risk Free – Includes data for most trades free! (just update prices)