Tenant Improvement

commercial and industrial remodel projects of all sizes.

EasyEst Solution for Tenant Improvement Contractors

Many Tenant Improvement contractors use a unit cost system to generate their
estimates and EasyEst Estimating Software includes an easily modifiable set of data to get you started fast! If you prefer to do a more detailed takeoff you can simply adjust each item by adding your labor productive rates and material yield conversion to this data.

Note – If your primary work is just the Drywall, Metal Framing and Ceilings take a look at our Drywall system which includes the Tenant Improvement data in this solution package.

You will be able to set up unit cost Assemblies or Work Packages for different aspects of any Tenant Improvement job.

Sample Assembly

You will also be able to modify or create your own formulas for automatically calculating most quantities. And if you breakout labor by the hour you can accumulate total Labor hours for the complete job.

Tenant Improvement Video

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Tenant Improvement Reports

Bid Item Cost Only w/Markups by Seq.

Bid Item Columns (Landscape) Report by Location

PriceBook Data Included

Will save many hours, just update with your current prices.
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What is included:

  • EasyEst Pro Plus Estimating system
  • TI PriceBook (need to update all prices)
  • 4 pre-design reports
  • Formulas for calculating area
  • Free training

Options (additional fee)

Only $279

30 Day Money Back – Absolutely Risk Free – Includes data for most trades free! (just update prices)

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